He reigns over the storm

I can’t help flinching as a flash of lightning is followed by a rolling echo of thunder. My seat in the observatory allows me to witness the full fury of this afternoon’s storm. The wildness suits my mood.
I woke to grief this morning. It’s been almost two months since my dear grandmother, Mimi, passed away but pain doesn’t follow a schedule. Today, I’ve felt raw grief for the first time. I feel the horror of watching life ebb from the body of a vibrant woman. I feel the loss of a matriarch.
I know scripture after scripture about comfort and God’s sovereignty. My Mimi was a Christian and I rejoice that she is with Jesus. I am overwhelmed by God’s grace to my family in the progression of her disease and the manner of her death. I am blessed to be a part of her legacy: children, grandchildren and great grandchildren taught to love The Lord and each other.
I’m not confused or bitter or angry. I simply hurt. I’ve got this searing pain in my chest as I breathe. It’s not the soft sentiment where tears would prick my eyes. I feel torrential emotion; wave after wave of aching loss.
Looking outside at the chaos surrounding me, I feel a tiny bit of calm as I remember that He is Lord over all. He reigns over the storm raging out my window and He reigns over my stormy little heart.