A Little About Me

I am a Christian.
Christ’s death, burial and resurrection give me life, define my life. My offenses against God are forgiven, my twisted desires made new and my understanding of who God is made right. I used to be angry, bitter and frightened. I now realize that God is sovereign, true and good. He is my source of joy, peace and strength. His Holy Spirit gives me guidance, comfort and power to follow Him. And I want to follow Him. I am not perfect yet but I am becoming more like Him every day.

I am unmarried.
Sounds a little better than “single” eh? I do hope to marry and have children but I seek contentment in my relational status.

I adore my family.
I am “big sister” to two sisters, two step-brothers, a step-sister, a half-sister and a half-sister who is deceased. My parents are divorced and are both remarried. I live within half an hour of my grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

I am a children’s dance instructor.
My sister Melissa and I own a dance studio in a small town. It’s a family affair: we are both owners/instructors and our mom manages the office. I teach jazz, tap and lyrical dance. I also assist with children’s ballet classes. I enjoy my job very much. I appreciate having an occupation that allows me to be creative, active and a positive influence in the lives of young people. My work environment is a place where life is celebrated, where beauty is affirmed and where courtesy is practiced.

I live with my parents and a sister.
I’m not a mooch. I pay rent and share in family chores. I love to cook, garden, organize and decorate. I’m not a big fan of laundry or dirty dishes but learning to do them with joy- for myself and for others- routs my selfishness. Living with my family also provides me with ample opportunities to grow in graciousness, kindness and consideration. I firmly believe that when life is a shared experience with other Christians, discipleship increases. We live in a rural area with four dogs and a horse for pets. The squirrels, armadillos, raccoons, coyotes, foxes, turtles and other woodland creatures just add to the mayhem.

I read.
My habit started with a book club when I was four years old and homeschooling only increased my literary love. Some might say I’m a bit nerdy but my reading served me well while pursuing a degree in cross-cultural studies.

A few things I like:
Books, especially ones about settling the American West or Antarctic exploration. Indonesian or South Indian food. Canoes. Thift store furniture that needs a little paint or upholstering. Potted plants and fresh-cut flowers. Cooking with good music and people dancing in the kitchen. Journaling and keeping a scrapbook filled with receipts, business cards, brochures and notes. Day-hiking. Board games, particularly word games such as Scrabble or Boggle. Going to the beach. Collecting scarves from various places. Wearing anything that twirls!

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