Tuesday Thoughts 06-14-11

I spent an hour in silence today.

Do you know what I discovered?

My pride controls my thoughts with alarming regularity.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts 06-14-11

  1. Very interesting, Tiffany. You never act prideful.

    I had a “silent” meditation this morning – thanks to FPL’s transformer damage. Silence does have a way of revealing more of our hearts than we knew was there.

  2. I am sorry for your power loss (I believe you’ve had another since then) especially in this heat.
    I’ve tried to incorperate silence into my morning routine a few days each week. I’ve noticed during these times that I’m prone to entertain thoughts that I shouldn’t. I exercise control by not acting on them but I’m not taking them captive in obedience to Him. It’s very subtle- I’m not thinking about murdering anyone but perhaps I find myself thinking too highly of my own opinion, making little of the wonderful things He is accomplishing through someone else or feeling justified in my discontent. So thankful for the grace and mercy He gives me as I grow.

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