Tuesday Thoughts 01-11-2011

“Miss Tiffany, guess what?” Kneeling to tie her left tap shoe, I glanced at Taylor. Her little face was beaming and I couldn’t help smiling back. Conversations with Taylor are always filled with sweetness and laughter. “What?” I asked. Taking a deep breath and puffing out her chest a bit, she informed me that she learned about the letter “p” in school today. Wanting to give proper due to this accomplishment, I asked her if she knew any words that begin with the letter “p.”  She scratched her chin and said, “pig.” “What else?” I questioned further, reaching for the laces of her right shoe. “Um, pencil?” I nodded. “That’s right! What about puppy?” Her eyes narrowed a bit as she regarded me. Then she cocked her head to the side and replied,  “Yeah, but how do you know that?” I tried not to laugh as I told her that I’d been to kindergarten myself. She nodded seriously and moved to find her place in line.

More often than I care to admit, I’m like Taylor. I make assumptions about the people around me, their knowledge, their experiences. I probably sound just as childish in my boasting too.


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