Tuesday Thoughts 12-07-2010

My morning started with pain. A dull throbbing in my left knee roused me from sleep long before the sun rose or my alarm went off. Too tired to move toward the medicine cabinet for pain relief, I laid there hurting, frustrated and alone. That’s when the really crippling pain began as the physical ache in my leg was overshadowed by the emotional ache in my chest.

I started to pray, “Jesus, I need so much grace…” but stopped there. 

I am the recipient of such marvelous grace. My Lord does offer goodness to me, even when I’m unaware of my need for it. He doesn’t give me grace because I want it or feel my lack. He gives it because He is good and generous and truly loving. My desperation seems a little ridiculous in light of how freely He gives. I’m longing for the day that I’ll trust Him enough not to panic at my need and readily believe that He will fulfill His promises.

My prayer is becoming, “Thank you for the grace you give me.”


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