Birthday adventure: 26 + 1 things

Yesterday I set out on an adventure to celebrate my 26th birthday.  My mother, sister Melissa and cousin Jamie joined me on a search for 26 +1 things (tangible objects that can be photographed) that make me happy. 6 hours later we returned tired but triumphant!  We found everything on the list and had a lot of laughs along the way.

Here is my list of “happy stuff that makes for happy moments”:

1. doors. old, new, and especially front ones. don’t ask why because I have no idea.

2. aprons. I love to cook and I think aprons are darling.

3. trees. I think I get this one from my dad.

4. seafood. one of the best parts of living in Florida and Indonesia.

5. chai. though I’d prefer masala tea to a chai latte.

6. scarves. yes, I own a few. a few dozen. ok, 38.

7. books. a girl can never have too many.

8. silk. I don’t think I need to explain why silk is wonderful.

9. gardens. what can I say? I nurture. having plants keeps me from “mothering” everyone I meet.

10. sunscreen. I live in Florida and burn easily.

11. dining tables. they’re gathering places. and my favorite piece of furniture.

12. stuff from Indonesia. because it will always be my adopted, second country.

13. skirts that twirl. they’re pretty.

14. snuggly down blankets. cuddling is one of life’s true joys.

15. Ben-Hur. I read the book  a lot and parts of the movie remind me of Ephesians and Hebrews, my favorite books of the Bible.

16. sparklers. they’re magical.

17. cast iron skillets. remind me of my great-grandmother. you can’t make cornbread in anything else.

18. candleabras. I’m not a fan of the crystal bling but they are so elegant.

19. canoes. combine nature and silent company and a physical activity and you’ve got the perfect Saturday.

20. sprinkles. fun in a plastic bottle.

21. sunglasses. goofy bright colors rock.

22. chocolate. really? unless you’re allergic like Jaree’, you’ve got to love chocolate.

23. boots. my feet are always cold.

24. pomegranate soda. take Italian soda and make it with one of my favorite fruits…  reminds me of visiting Azerbaijan.

25. hats. they’re so suave. think Sky Masterson from Guys and Dolls.

26. an outboard motor. ok, so I like the sound they make and the faint smell of gasoline. perhaps I spent too many summers at the lake.

27. snowflakes. I fell in love with snow while living in Minnesota. fun fact: my friends in Minneapolis got their first snow on my birthday this year.

I’ll post a few pictures from the rest of our adventure tomorrow. Tonight, I’m wondering what silly things make your days brighter?


3 thoughts on “Birthday adventure: 26 + 1 things

  1. Silly signs that point out the obvious. Like when the sidewalk ends in a forest of trees, and yet, the city/county whatever government decides that they still have to post a sign saying, “Sidewalk Ends”.

  2. What beautiful creative fun. I should have done this for my hallmark birthday this past year. It would have given me blog fodder for weeks!!!!

    Silly things that make my day brighter? Cats, candles, coffee, sweatshirts, blue jeans…..

    You, Jamie, and Melissa are so beautiful! XOX

  3. YOU!

    Yellow hangers, fires in the fireplace, calendar moments…

    I love your photos… Some of them brought back warm memories and others made me laugh heartily! (and I must admit that I love the fact that my name was a part of your post!) Love you lady!

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