Tuesday Thoughts 10-05-2010

“Miss Tiffany, you’re not listening!”  Taking a deep breath, I replied with a measure of calmness I didn’t really feel. “I am. I heard you. You’re going to be a fairy ballerina for Halloween and you’ve got a purple dress. Find your place.” With pointed silence I finished tying my shoe before glancing at the tiny dancer beside me. She was still tapping her untied leather slipper on the floor. So much for hoping that she’d get back in line with the rest of her class. And I really needed to tie that slipper. “Yes?” She didn’t answer.  I raised my eyebrows, inclined my head toward the spot where she ought to stand and waited for her next outburst. Then my pink-tutued little friend turned away with, “Because you know the words I’m saying don’t mean you’re really listening to me.”

My actions were completely appropriate for a dance instructor. But the rest of the time…

Point taken, kiddo.

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