tight-fisted love

I was thinking about this morning’s post while driving home. Reflecting on God’s incredible mercy and grace to those in Christ…

The more I think about the depth of love revealed by the cross, the more amazed I become considering God’s love poured out for such an ungrateful people.  My response to Him is so miserly in comparison to His costly redemption. Yet He gives grace upon grace.

How can I be so selfish with my love? I confess: there are moments where I don’t want to bless the people around me because of their response or lack of response. Sometimes I’m hesitant to offer a kindness that routinely goes unacknowledged. I dispense grace according to the measure of appreciation shown. My love is not generous. I’m tight-fisted. Especially with my own household. The people I live with can attest to how uncharitable I can be.

I need the truth of gospel to penetrate this thick skull of mine. I’ve been shown mercy for my offenses (which are so much greater than not saying “thank you” for hanging up a towel left on the bathroom floor). I need the words of Scripture to reshape my way of thinking. I need the  power of the Holy Spirit to love my family. I need forgiveness for my selfishness and pride. I need a lot.

It’s a good thing that He is generous with me.


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