Tuesday Thoughts 08-31-2010

“I want adventure in that great wide somewhere! I want it more than I can tell!” -Belle,  Beauty and The Beast

I sang the reprise to “Belle” during a commercial break on the radio while driving home from work today. When I was younger I had the habit of climbing on the gate that lead to our back pasture in the late afternoon, just before dinner. I’d straddle the gate and look to the West and the sinking sun. I’d dream of all the places I wanted to go, the wonderful things I wanted to do and the people I’d meet along the way. And I would sing. At the top of my lungs with only a few cows for an audience, I would sing. “Belle” was one of my favorites, though nothing held a candle to “Just Around the Riverbend” from Pocahontas. I would sing, the cows would stare and the sun would slip lower and lower on the horizon. My final act of freedom before dinner, bath and bedtime was to sing about what I hoped tomorrow would bring.  

I can’t help wondering what my life would be like if I chose once again to end my days by expressing my hope for the future.

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