Tuesday Thoughts 08-17-2010

Call me fearless. Call me crazy.

I put tap shoes on nine of our four-year-old students. Eighteen tiny tap shoes. Thirty-six tiny taps. It’s not pitter-patter when you put aluminum under little feet. It’s more like emptying the contents of the silverware drawer into the garbage disposal. If you’re willing to pair childish enthusiasm with percussive footwear, you’d better prepare yourself for chaos. It took all of my energy and creativity and skill to conduct the twenty-five minute tap lesson.

I think it was the most enjoyable part of my day.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts 08-17-2010

  1. You both are too sweet! When I mentioned my plan (to put them in taps) to Mama back in June she asked me, “Are you sure?” After class yesterday she smiled and asked, “Still sure?” It was fun. Wild fun to be sure, but fun nonetheless!

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