I like


There is a ratty piece of notebook paper tucked away in my wallet. I’ve carried it around for over 11 years. I wrote it on a beautiful summer day while looking out over Lake McCoy. From the kitchen table. I was sick and left to lounge around the apartment while my sisters and cousins swam just yards away. Wanting to stay positive I started a list of things that I liked. Not prioritized or anything, I just wrote down stuff that made me happy. No, I am not going to list all of those things here. You really don’t need to know how much I liked Crayola Stamping Markers or who my movie-star crush was (is?). I will tell you that the list has been in my wallet since that day and that occasionally, when life seems bleak, I’ll pull it out and remember that there’s still a lot of good stuff in my world.

I was looking at it earlier today while cleaning out my wallet and decided that it was time to start a new list. I thought about the little things that bring so much pleasure and then my camera got involved… 

Here are a few things that I’m liking today:

comfy pajamas

my dog

twinkle lights


cozy socks

having books to read

chai latte


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