thinking small

“We have quite a history of thinking small.”

 The bold typeface sentence from the back cover of a 1994 National Geographic issue is unsettling to me.  Originally from an Olympus camera ad, to me it reads as a challenge. I find myself questioning the narrowness of my vision as much as when I first saw the ad years ago.  I’m evaluating my plans and expectations; considering the opportunities I have to invest my time.  More often than not said opportunities fall within the margins of what is probable or very possible.  My tendencies display a lack of faith that yields small ideas that produce little – if any – eternally valuable actions.  It’s time to ask forgiveness for my unbelief, ask for faith that pleases God, and move forward in a direction that reveals His greatness and wisdom.

3 thoughts on “thinking small

  1. Tiffany, I really like this, and I am as guilty of this as anyone I know! Thank you for sharing. Love You!

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