journal entries from today


I’ve been attempting to find places for all the recital flowers that I’ve arranged into vases, pitchers, etc.  It’s become something of a game to see  where I can stash these gorgeous flowers so that they can be enjoyed but not hinder the use of countertops and such needed spaces.  In addition to the flowers prominently displayed on tabletops there are those tucked away on bookcases, shelves and windowsills.  At first it seemed a little irreverent to place roses on the same shelf as a dusty copy of Moby Dick, as though the majesty of the bouquet was lost due to its surroundings.  As the hours pass, however, they’ve become extraordinary sources of beauty hidden among the rather ordinary objects in our home.  Scattered bits of glory that bring a new joy to everyday scenes.

4:23 pm

I’ve been thinking about the idea of “scattered bits of glory.”  Joy in dreary settings.  Bright hope in dark days.  It seems that I am never without a reminder of the cross and what He’s done for me.  The Bible verse taped on the refrigerator door, the phone call from a friend and the sheer power of the thunder that rattles my windowpane even now.  Are they not all scattered bits of glory destined to draw my heart to the Glorious One?


5 thoughts on “journal entries from today

  1. Oh I really love your writing Tiffany and I am so thankful God put you in our lives!!! Thank you for all you do and for sharing your love of God so beautifully in your creativity, your writing and in your life!


    (By the way you get a dinner redo when you are feeling better!)

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