“You ought to be in pictures, you’re wonderful to see!”

Have I ever mentioned that my sisters and brothers are a good-lookin’ bunch?

Last week I had the privilege of photographing Cory, Russell and Melissa in honor of Mother’s Day and Melissa’s upcoming graduation.  In addition to being good-looking, they’ve got lively personalities that make them both fun to be with and fun to work with!

Cory LeeAnn

Cory has striking blue eyes and a great laugh.  During our afternoon together she kept me laughing as she climbed trees, danced around the boat dock, picked wildflowers and made faces at the camera.

Russell Byron

Russell sports the same stunner baby blues as Cory but his smiles are rarer.  My afternoon with Russell was unique as the young man himself incorporating the use of a canoe, an old washing machine, his skateboard and a favorite sword.

Melissa Kylene

Melissa has long been one of my favorite photographic subjects with her crazy long eyelashes and easy sense of style.  As dancer with a creative streak a mile wide, she’s got great ideas and strong opinions about having her picture taken.  Our morning together served as both a Mother’s Day gift and a senior picture time.

You can view the results from last week’s photoshoots here and here.


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