Tuesday Thoughts 04-27-10

I remember…

when these gates signaled that I was home,

when talking to strangers was strongly encouraged,

walking the beach at Pulau Putri,

smiles on the faces of beautiful friends,

exploring the island of Java and being awestruck by the green hills of Salatiga,

Amy’s clothes bursting from her overflowing closet, Lydia’s humming in the early morning and the pitcher of sweet tea Jaree’ kept in the refrigerator,

visiting Monkey Island in Hua Hin, Thailand, with my fellow interns,

asking questions and searching for answers in the company of great and humble minds,

the sounds and smells of the market,

the excitement and homesickness brought on by visitors,

the thrill of weaving through traffic on a motorbike, especially in the rain,

rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner,

celebrating birthdays with a new kind of family,

the 50 snowflakes that Amy and I hung from our bedroom ceiling to make it feel a little more like Christmas,

the hospitality enjoyed during trips to other islands,

giving in to laughter at our cultural faux pas, especially while taking public transport,

adventuring in Singapore,

Telunas being the perfect place to rest,

praying for those I love to know truth,

the music and laughter of nights that I wished would never end,

coping with faulty electronics, damp clothing, leaky air conditioners,

the sounds of the adhan (call to prayer),

being captivated by the nuances of a rich ancient culture,

learning to give my heart fully and how to say goodbye,

and looking to the future with hope.

This week marks the two year anniversary of my return to the United States after my sixteen month global internship.  The sharp painful memories of departure have faded, leaving only sweet memories of a land and people dear to my heart.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts 04-27-10

  1. Thanks, it was a beautiful time of life. The photos are mine unless I’m pictured in them, in which case I passed my camera to a teammate and said, “Stand here and take a picture of me!”

  2. Oh Tiffany I just love the way you write and those pictures are breathtaking. The colors! Thank you so much for sharing your words with us-I look forward to Tuesdays to see what you will say next!!! Don’t stop please…

  3. aw i have been pondering our class’s arrival back home of late as well. I am so confident that the roots the Lord deepened in us through those experiences will only continue to deepen for all of us, and produce fruit… i cant wait to see all the ways how…. im thinking our class is about due for a reunion next year or so…. : )

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