let the good times roll

“Do you hear that?  It started playing on the radio and I thought of you.”  A burst of noise that could only be Led Zeppelin buzzed in the background.  “I just wanted to call and tell you I love you, daughter.”

I adore my dad.  I really appreciate that he calls my cell phone just to say hello, to tell me that he loves me or to share an experience that reminded him of how much he loves me.  He’s not perfect but he cares and he makes sure that I know it.

In my early years- we’re talking the car-seat days- I was a big fan of Zeppelin.  And Jimi Hendrix.  Of course, no one but my dad knew that.  He’d wait until mom got out of the car then flip the radio station and watch me rock out in the back seat.  He’d never seen anyone head-bang with a pacifier before so he’d crank the car stereo and watch his baby daughter dance herself silly.  To this day there are a few songs that inspire me to grin like a fool and play a little air guitar in the car.  Apparently, it’s the same for my dad.  I love you, mister.  Rock on!


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