Tuesday Thoughts 03-02-10

Pain.  It’s a blinding sensation we feel:  the bite as your nerves take in pressure against bruised flesh, the heaviness in your chest as laughter fades in the stillness of an empty room, the burn of tears spilling from harsh words and disappointed hopes.   It lingers in our minds, disorienting us and -all too often- blots out our ability to recognize God’s goodness.  It’s a dark reality for a world that awaits it’s final redemption.

My theology allows for pain.  It exists as the result of sin and rebellion against God.  I affirm that He is able to redeem suffering by revealing Himself and the glory of His sufferings through it.  He is great enough to put an end to it, whether now or in eternity.  He’s far enough beyond me in wisdom that I’m willing to let go of all that I don’t understand.  Pain and the trappings of broken humanity are not a reason for my heart to abandon worshipping the One who is good and does good. (Psalm 119:68)  He remains glorious even when the darkness surrounds me.  I believe that with fiber of my being.

So what happens when pain engulfs me?  There are days when I’m both full of faith and full of grief.  How about when week after gut-wrenching week goes by and it’s hard to even think straight?  I hurt.  God is good.  I trust that He is mighty enough to take it.  Not just that He can end my suffering and give it a greater purpose but right here in the thick of it, He’s good.  The cross is the ultimate proof of His goodness.  It’s true enough that I can rejoice in Him while my heart breaks.  He’s the light in my darkness, even when the darkness lingers.

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