Tuesday Thoughts 02-23-10

I was organizing my dance bag today and thinking that I like my job.  Even though there are other dreams in my heart for the future, I’m enjoying my occupation in this season of life.  Here are a few of the reasons (off the top of my head and in no particular order) that I like being a dance instructor and studio owner:

  1. People.  My job requires me to interact with and relate to students and parents possessing various backgrounds and lifestyles.  Tons of fun, although the word “unpredictable” comes to mind.
  2. A creative outlet.  Cooking and various projects help curb my need to “make something.”  However, a job that requires a lot of creative energy ensures that I fall asleep easily.
  3. A flexible schedule.  Outside of class times, my hours of preparation are of my own choosing.
  4. Colored tights.  Who else gets to wear neon blue tights at my age?
  5. Honest feedback.  My students are quick to inform me if my new hairstyle is a disaster or if I need to shake off my moodiness.

Of course, I enjoy moments like this, too…


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