Arnie’s selection

“You don’t have a rosebush?”  His snowy eyebrows raised as he shook his head slowly.  “Follow me, little missy, and we’ll fix that.”  I met Arnie in the garden center this afternoon.  His thin frame was decked out in his Sunday best, including a matching blue bow tie and suspenders.  Pairing his spiffy ensemble with a quick wit and an easy laugh, I can only assume that he must’ve been quite the charmer in his younger days.  As we walked among the flowers we talked about the weather, our love for magnolias and how he wishes that his children didn’t use “some lawn service.”  He then helped me choose a beautiful Knockout rose to take home as a surprise for my mom.  And a small gardenia because, “every Southern belle should have one.”  His assistance could  not have taken more than 20 minutes, yet hours later I am still smiling.  It’s nice to be treated like a lady.


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