Tuesday Thoughts 01-05-10

Wary of skimming over the familiar as I’ve been reading through 1 Samuel, I’ve been journaling as though I were a character within the story.  The entry below was written this morning as David from 1 Samuel 26-27.  Please note that this is only my way of connecting with the story and not an exegesis of the text.  I pray that it leads you to worship as you realize the depth of grace extended to David, and to you.

You are my reality

You change my ideas of possible

And redefine my fears

You lead me

Beyond the ordinary

Into the wild and wonderful

Even when the whole world shouts

Clamoring for my allegiance

Your voice is the surest thing I know

Most of the time

Because there are days

Where I wake to find

Well, darkness

And silence

I could hear You in the uproar

But I lose You in the quiet

My heart says that You’ve forgotten me

And fool that I am

I listen

Turning away from all that You’ve spoken

I take my own counsel

It was one time

Just one time that I chose for myself

Once was enough

Now the darkness is closer

The stillness sharper

My shame heavy

How could I cling to You in the face of death

And let go in a thoughtless, careless moment?

I am not the hero of this story

Please rescue me from my own frailty

I need You

Have mercy on my faithless self

Show kindness to my weary soul

You are the truth

Silence the lies that cripple me

Speak life and strength to my heart

Lead me out of this mess

To Your presence again


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