Tuesday Thoughts 12-15-09

Nathaniel Lee Ledford

Son of Dustin Lee and Jamie Lynn Howard Ledford.
Born Tuesday, December 15, 2009 in Ft. Myers, FL.
8 lbs. 7 oz. and 21 inches long.

Jamie is my first cousin and the sister of my heart.  It was unspeakably precious to hold her first son and pray words of blessing over him today.  He is so big, so sturdy for a newborn!  His size was impressive and prompted me to pray that his heart would prove to be big and strong in the years to come.  Jesus, may this man bless You and the world with his strength.

Nathaniel, meaning, “God has given.”  A fitting name for a child of December.  God has indeed given much.  My advent themes focus on four things that He gives in Jesus: hope, peace, joy and love.  I meant to write something today about joy; how our joy is made full in Him.  However, I decided that love was more the thought of today as I sat in the hospital room with tired yet glowing new parents.

What can I say of love?  My full heart and head recall the words of John Piper, taken from a small group study on The Blazing Center earlier this year,
“Love in its highest form is.. giving someone that which eternally satisfies; that is, God Himself.”
He has given Himself.  It’s the most complete cause for joy and the fullest expression of love.  Emmanuel, God with us. May your joy be full as you realize that you are loved beyond measure today.

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