Extravagant love and a snowflake

I know that I am loved by God.  Deeply, extravagantly loved.  The cross testifies to this (it also testifies to many other things but I’m thinking Romans 5:8).  The cross defines love.

I’m also personally loved by God.  I think one of the greatest proofs of this personal expression of love is His patience with my childlike pleadings for things small, ordinary and completely for my own pleasure.  At times I catch myself asking for the most ridiculous things, such as a pink lollipop out of a random assortment.  “Father, could this one be the watermelon kind?”  It’s foolish, I know.  But on a hard day, the right flavor of lollipop can go a long way at cheering your heart.

This week I’ve been wishing for snow.  It’s outrageous.  This is Florida in September!  It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit  every day!  Still, as work has me sorting through Christmas music- I’m longing.  So as I was driving home today I began to pray about my discontent.  I asked that He’d forgive my disgruntled attitude and thanked Him for the sunshine.  Then I selfishly asked for a snowflake.  Just one snowflake.  Not today but someday, sometime, could I please see a snowflake?  I actually laughed at my odd little plea and finished the drive in silence.

I received a package in the mail today.  You won’t believe what my friend Amanda sent me…


5 thoughts on “Extravagant love and a snowflake

  1. Now how cool (no pun intended) is that!!!!

    I believe God gives us the desires of our heart…and in this case, I think that God already knew that the snowflake would be in your mail today so He gave you a desire for one…just so He could reveal Himself to you in such a clear way.

  2. That is too cool Tiffy. Ironically I too have been listening to Christmas music & yesterday I wore a Brighton snowflake necklace at work. I also wore a red dress and black leggings with silver sparklies. He is good. (And I think Im seriously obsessed with Christmas haha) this story made me smile.

  3. Kindra- He does love the best! 🙂

    Miss Pat- It reminded me of Amy Carmichael’s words, “It is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desires which He creates.”

    Julie- 🙂

    Hope- I love it! I say, celebrate!

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