Tuesday Thoughts 09-22-09

There are Tuesdays where I wonder at my ambition to post something here every week.  Sometimes I sit down at the computer and I’m not sure that I have any thoughts worth communicating.  At other times, I’m not sure if words are adequate for all that I desire to say.  Today is one of such times.  I wish I knew how to express the thoughts in my head and feeling within my heart.  I don’t.  Words aren’t enough for what I’m thinking today.  

I’m thinking about grief and my own family’s recent loss.  I’m thinking about communities and flooding in the Southeastern US.  I’m thinking about Christmas music and all the things that I desire my dancers to learn.  I’m thinking about hobbies and how I love seeing my little garden flourish.  In all of this, I’m thinking about the Lord and how He is faithful.

Beyond my own language, my heart groans to express this feeling rising up within me.  If I were to make one statement, I’d have to borrow words from my uncle Randy, “You are God on the darkest of days and when the sun shines, You are brighter still.”


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