kindness and canned green beans on aisle 4

In the process of throwing together a quick barbecue lunch for the diligent souls installing the dance floor in our studio, I came up a few items short of a full meal.  Off to the grocery store I went, on my list: macaroni and canned green beans.  I scanned my list again as I priced macaroni thinking, “Is there anything else I need?”  My head said, “nope,” but my heart said, “yes.”  It’s been a lonely day.  Choosing contentment, I moved to the next aisle.

I was putting cans of green beans in my basket when an elderly gentleman passed by and feeling better about life in general, I smiled at him.  He smiled back, I finished my selection and moved to the check out line.  As I was waiting I heard someone behind me say, “Excuse me, Miss.”  I turned to find the gentleman from the canned good aisle standing behind me.  He wanted to thank me for smiling at him.  He is a recent widower and today would have been his 50th anniversary with his wife.  He told me, with tears,  “It made my day to receive a smile from such a beauty.”  

I told him that my relationship with Jesus gives my joy and that any kindness that I show is small compared to the kindness that God longs to show him.  He smiled widely and informed me that he was a Christian too.  I asked if I could pray for him and we took a moment then and there to thank Jesus for all the years that he had with his wife. 

It was so simple: a smile, a prayer and a bag full of macaroni and green beans.  I am astounded by the care God takes with his children and overwhelmed by this display of it.  It made my day.


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