Tuesday Thoughts 07-14-09

From palm trees to prairie grass, my scenery has changed a bit in the last week.  After five days in the Texas panhandle I’ve now seen jack rabbits, prairie dogs, tumbleweeds and oil wells.  It’s hot, dry, windy and practically treeless.  Definitely a different landscape than swampy Southern Florida!  Nonetheless I’ve been captivated by a big blue sky, fields of sunflowers and relentless sunshine.  

The contrast between my home and where I’ve been in recent days is a testimony to the incredible creativity of God.  What kind of genius imagines both the Everglades and  West Texas plains?  I confess that I’ve been glued to the car window when riding around and overwhelmed by the thought that both landscapes are expressions of His kindness.  My mind can hardly comprehend it but my heart sings along with Audra Lynn, “I know whatever You do, You do through the eyes of mercy.”  My prayer in recent days has been that I would learn to view people, places and circumstances in light of His enduring kindness.  I pray that He would allow you to do the same today.

For your viewing pleasure, just a few pictures of my vacation thus far:

Alright!  I’m off to enjoy a beautiful day in New Mexico!  Until next week…

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