Tuesday Thoughts 06-23-09

I just finished reading through the book of Genesis and my thoughts turned to a few lines I wrote after reading the story of Abraham’s family earlier this year:

Sometimes I feel like Sarah

As though I’ve been denied purpose or pleasure

Like I’ve missed my chance

And my heart is tempted to scoff at hope and promises and timing

But I don’t want to be like Sarah

Unbelieving, forsaking You

And pursuing my own foolish plans

I don’t want to feverishly chase fulfillment

Abandoning the way You’ve appointed

I don’t want to grasp whatever I can

And fashion it into an empty, shabby imitation of what You’ve offered

Relinquishing You and all that You’ve promised

For a moment’s happiness and a lifetime of regret

May I not allow bitterness or disappointment to overwhelm me

May I not give in to the feeling of being abandoned or forgotten

You have not forgotten me

You have not passed me by

You are the one who appoints all things

You are able to do all things

Help my unbelief.


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