Tuesday Thoughts 06-16-09

My sister, Melissa is a very passionate and talented dancer.  Dedicated to excellence. There are times however, when her pursuit of excellence becomes the pursuit of perfection and harsh self-criticism ensues.  Such was the case last Thursday when she finished the rehearsal of a solo by announcing to the empty auditorium, “That was awful.”

Out of the dark came a tiny, high-pitched squeal, “You did it, Miss Melissa!  That was awesome!  You are so beautiful!  You are gonna be so great tomorrow!”  Turning up the house lights revealed a 5 year old student named Victoria, bouncing in her seat while clapping her hands and grinning ear to ear.  The expression on her face was one of sweet admiration.  I turned to another teacher and said, “I need one of those.”  She just laughed and replied, “We all do.”  I nodded.

We all need “Victoria’s.”


3 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts 06-16-09

  1. 🙂 I love your writings… 🙂

    Can I borrow this said “Victoria” in about 4-6 weeks when I give birth? I could really use someone saying “way to go Jo! You did it!!”

    🙂 MIss you friend.

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