Tuesday Thoughts 05-19-09

Her name is Blanca…

and she’s an adopted American Mustang.

Beautiful.  Spirited.  Strong.  There’s something about this horse that leaves me rather awestruck in her presence.

I don’t associate Mother’s Day exclusively with rocking chairs, lullabies and eskimo kisses.  My memories of my mother do contain such images, to be sure.  My mother is one of the sweetest, most tender persons that I know.  It’s because of my mother that I understand what is meant by love enveloping you “like a warm blanket.” However, she’s also been like a sharp, heavy tool shaping me into the woman that I’ve become and am becoming.  The same lips that sang, “Like a ship in the harbor…” taught me “no.”  It’s not likely that I’ll forget her singing me to sleep at night.  It’s even less likely that I’ll forget her words of correction and direction.  My mother may be sweet but she has never been soft.  My mother taught me that a woman can possess a heart from which kindness flows freely and fear is not permitted to enter. 

I know that it’s a little late to be writing about Mother’s Day.  However, I’ve been thinking about it.  Thinking about my mother.  Thinking about the virtues of womanhood that she has passed on to me.  Honesty.  Compassion.  Justice.  Enthusiasm.  Kindness.  Vulnerability.  I’ve also been thinking about my late great-grandmother and what I learned from proximity, quite literally, to her apron strings.  Generosity.  Diligence.  Hospitality.  Humility.  I am more than an individual with personal traits.  I’m part of a legacy that imparts the good character of many women (and men too).

The evening my great-grandmother died, my family gathered to comfort each other and to take comfort in Scripture.  Do you know what we read?  Proverbs 31.  To remember my Granny and the beauty of her life as she walked in the Spirit.  Proverbs 31 isn’t a to-do list for young brides.  It’s a picture of womanhood redeemed and restored.  It’s the testimony of a woman that reflects the Kingdom of God in all that she is and does.  As I listened, my heart rejoiced that I’d known such a woman in my Granny.  In a world of gossip and laziness and selfishness she “smiled at the future” because she knew that today is only a prelude to eternity.

I know several women who stand in the company of the virtuous woman described in Proverbs.  With all of my pondering in recent days, countless faces have flashed before my mind’s eye.  Women who live out the beauty and strength of Jesus Christ in a world that knows little of real beauty, real strength or the real Jesus.  If you are a woman reading this, thank you for how you lead me to worship Jesus.  If you’re a man, join me in thanking Him for the women who do so in your life and mine.  Soli Deo Gloria!


It’s an unrelated matter but I want to let you know that Christian Audio gives away a free audio book every month.  This month’s download is Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and you can get it for free here.


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