Tuesday Thoughts 04-14-09

I’ve been waiting all day for those dark clouds to unleash a storm of thunder, lightning and rain.  I’ve spent hours waiting and waiting…  now to be satisfied as the first drops of rain drum out a peculiar rhythm on the roof.  

It seems that I’ve been doing a lot of waiting these days.  Probably because I’m still learning what it means to wait well.  Not with impatience or despair but with the confidence that only comes from believing that my days are fully known to Him.  Oh, to be content knowing what awaits me in eternity and yet anticipate what tomorrow will bring!  To wholeheartedly say that He is good and does good!

And then there are days like today where my head aches and I’m tired and I really don’t feel a strong sense of hope.  It’s hard for me to think beyond the pounding of my head and even harder to recognize that today is in His hand.  It is.  His goodness hasn’t changed.  Just because my fuzzy head can’t see it yet doesn’t make it any less true.  So, I wait.  I wait for understanding.  I wait for hope.

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