Tuesday Thoughts 03-31-09

I was chatting with my dear friend Zach earlier and mentioned that I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about today.  His recommendations were: 1) dating and 2) tacos.  Although I do admire his creativity, I immediately dismissed both ideas.   Dating?  Tacos?  Then I wondered, “What could I say about dating?  How could I write creatively about tacos?  Wouldn’t it be wild if I could do both in the same post?”  I felt as though a challenge had been presented and the somewhat random rambling that follows is the result.

I’m a little nervous to say anything about dating.  The whole issue is filled with so many variables that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to become offensive and dogmatic. It seems to me that there isn’t an infallible way when it comes to romance.  So I want to make a couple of things plain before I say anything else.  First, I want to be very clear that I am not pronouncing judgement upon anyone for choosing to date or not to date.  I’m not advocating dating or not dating, courtship or even arranged marriages.  Everyone will give an account to God for their actions and everyone is responsible for being obedient to the Scriptures when it comes to loving and respecting one another.  I think the only way to pursue romance well is with a great deal of humility and a real fear of God.  Second, I have never had a boyfriend.  My desire to walk in obedience to Him has lead me in many different directions but that has not been a part of my journey thus far.  I think it’s important to take that into account when reading what I have to say.  

So what are my thoughts about dating on this Tuesday afternoon?  And what on earth could tacos possibly have to do with them?  I’m  tempted to list all the descriptive terms that can be shared by the two: messy, exciting, causing pain to sizzle in the chest and tears to burn in the eyes, satisfying, plate-filling… ok, enough of that cheesy (no pun intended) exercise.  I’ve got what I need anyway.  A word.

Messy.  Not to be mistaken for “mistake” or “awful.”  Messy is interesting.  The fact that I can’t keep the tomatoes in my tortilla and the fact that I can’t predict the behavior of another person both keep me on my toes.  The haphazard attempts to make it work are fascinating. As with all other areas of life, I want to learn to handle the awkward moments with grace and savor the good stuff.  It can be difficult at times and enthralling at others and yes, messy too.  But worth it, I think.  The mess can definitely be worth it.


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