Tuesday Thoughts 03-10-09

“…God, who richly and ceaselessly provides us with everything for our enjoyment…”  ~1 Timothy 6:17 AMP

My heart has been learning much about joy in recent weeks.  I say, “my heart” because it’s not new territory in my thinking.  Seeking to understand joy is a familiar pursuit of mine.  But believing what Scripture states and living out of belief is something else entirely.  

The basic principle is that my happiness is sourced in the person of God.  He is the reason for a type of gladness that cannot be diminished by anything else.  Broad, vague statements, I know.  Now, you have to ask yourself what I’ve been asking myself for the past month, “Do I live as if that’s true?  Do I really believe it?”

 As I’ve battled my own unbelief by His grace and with the truth of God’s Word, I’ve noticed a wonderful happening; because my heart is more satisfied (and not begrudgingly  so) with Him, almost everything around me begins to bring me joy.  Even those things which ought to be sources of pain and fear are becoming sources of confidence and hope.  Which means that the good things which I already enjoyed are even sweeter knowing that they come from One who is ultimately good.  

A few of those good things that I am enjoying this morning:

Time with my brother, Mat, who is a recent graduate of MCRD Parris Island, South Carolina.  Brother, Marine, companion in mischief, and eater of pizza…  I’m glad to have him around for the next week while he is on leave.

My sister Melissa received a letter of acceptance to an intensive Summer program with the Sarasota Ballet this morning.  She’s been checking the mailbox everyday since her audition last month and today, she received an invitation to participate in the program.

Simple things, really, and yet I find that my breath catches and my heart whispers, “Oh Jesus… you are so good to me.”


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