Tuesday Thoughts 3-3-09

 A half-packed suitcase is lying on the floor three feet away from the chair where I sit.  I’m in the midst of packing and desperately needing a break.  My heart and head are so full that I can’t decide the number of socks required for a two day trip to South Carolina.  That’s correct, I’m overwhelmed by decisions about my socks.  That’s when I knew it was time to sit down for a few minutes and sort out what I’m feeling.  

Sadness.  My dear friend, Jaree’, returned home to New Mexico this afternoon and already I miss her sweet company.  I am grateful for the time that we were able to spend together but -as with any visit- it was not enough time.  Rarely does time with loved ones feel long enough.

Sweetness.  Two weeks spent in the company of my dear friend brought such joy.  We share wonderful memories from her time here: a small town festival; trips to the beach, local parks and the Florida Keys; watching baseball games and cooking Indonesian food.  However, the sweetest part of her visit was the conversation.  From lengthy discussions of the Psalms and John Piper’s preaching to rambling about the Civil War and native Florida plant life, I continue to marvel at how good conversation can direct the heart’s affection toward the Father.

Excitement.  Tomorrow my family leaves on a road trip to Parris Island, South Carolina.  Thursday, we’ll get to visit my brother, Mathew, who is now a Marine.  Friday, he will graduate from boot-camp and we’ll bring him home to Florida for ten days.  I can hardly describe my sense of anticipation as type!  Soon!  I will hug my brother soon!

And with that final thought I will return to my packing.


One thought on “Tuesday Thoughts 3-3-09

  1. Such goodness. Y’all have a safe trip and after the ten days with Matthew and we return from Nashville, please come visit with Emily and me again. I’d love to hear more John Piper and know if you’ve listened to more Francis Chan. XOXOX

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