celebrating summer

Summer has officially begun and the weather is starting to cooperate here in Minnesota too!  I have been lamenting the need to wear a sweater since my arrival here mid-May but was pleased to leave it on the hanger this past week.  A whole week without needing outerwear was liberating.  I appreciate chilly weather (especially coming from Florida), but I was beginning to feel like I was lost in one of the early chapters of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe! You cannot imagine how happy I am to feel warm again!

My dear friend Jaree’ and I celebrated the arrival of summer this weekend with a day trip to nearby Stillwater, MN.  Here are a few photos from our outing:

stillwater 1

Jaree’ and I, ready to explore!

stillwater 2

Antique books

stillwater 3

Jaree’ outside Lily’s Grill and Malt Shop.

stillwater 4

Old Fashioned Rock Candy from Tremblay’s Sweets.

Stillwater 5

Looking out over the St. Croix River.

To see more photos from my trip to Stillwater, click here.

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