Keeping up

Even though my intention and heart’s desire is for consistency, I have trouble keeping up with this blog. Of course, this is a season of life where I have trouble keeping up, period. Returning to college here in Minnesota has revealed to me just how much I have changed over the past 16 months. It’s hard for me to maintain my very full schedule. Some of that slack originates from the fact that I don’t value my wristwatch as much as I used to. I am trying, however, to learn the art of conveying respect through timeliness while keeping the value of hospitality that I’ve acquired. It’s kind of like teaching an elephant to tap dance, but my clumsy self is learning. Love for those around me requires it.

Anyway, just a quick to thank you for your patience with me as I’m finding my way and just keeping up. I’d love to write more, but I have an appointment in 15 minutes and I am going to be on time. And so, the journey continues…


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