my 23rd year

Just a simple list compiled on my 23rd birthday.

Things that I learned in my 23rd year:
•    Gypsum sand from White Sands New Mexico will still be in your pockets 6 months after your visit.
•    Thai food is better in Thailand.
•    Hong Kong International Airport is always cold.
•    It’s okay to not have hot water in the house.
•    I really do enjoy cooking.
•    There is a difference between being busy and being effective.
•    It is possible for a t-shirt to hang on the line 4 days and still be damp.
•    Every moment spent with loved ones is a moment to be treasured.
•    Using bug spray and sunscreen daily is wise.
•    Singapore is very clean, very organized and very safe.
•    Eventually, we all get tired and need sleep.
•    It’s easy to sing and hard to pray in another language.
•    White rice and bananas counteract spicy food.
•    It is difficult, yet best for a ministry team to consist of very different individuals.
•    Monkeys bite.
•    Indonesian cheese rarely melts.
•    We need beauty.  Especially when we don’t have much else.
•    Band-aids don’t stick in extremely humid conditions.
•    Practicing hospitality is more about opening your heart than your home.
•    Don’t nod unless you know what you’re agreeing to!
•    Personal interaction often is far more valuable than convenience.
•    Always carry Kleenex.

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