my island adventure



Making melodies to the King!
Yipes! Bats!

Incredible experiences while fishing at night!
Squid, shrimp, snails and other seafood!
Laughing at goats that bite!
Anak-anak (children) everywhere!
early no mosquitoes!
yed fingers and feet (from henna)!

Amazing sunrises and sunsets!
ancing (traditional) and drums!
olleyball in the afternoons!
veryone is a fisherman!
ightly shooting stars!
raditional Melayu dress ( including jilbab)!
sing the language!
elaxing in a hammock!
ating with my hands!
Showers from a bucket!

To see all of my photos from my “Island Adventure,”
click here.


2 thoughts on “my island adventure

  1. Dearest Tiffany, the photo didn’t post and after your acrostic, I especially really want to see it!

    By the way, dear friend, I just gave you a little award and you can read about it here.

    Can’t wait to see you next month.

    Much love,
    Miss Pat

  2. Dear Miss Pat,
    Thanks! I posted and then realized that I forgot the picture! Our internet is especially slow right now and it took quite a while to correct the problem!
    And thank you! I am encouraged by reading your blog and am glad to hear that He is able to use my ramblings!

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