early morning shower

Tell me how many beads there are
In a silver chain
Of evening rain,
Unravelled from the tumbling main…
~Thomas Lovell Beddoes

It is raining again, although, this is not surprising to me.  I have decided that it rains often here.  It rained almost non-stop for my first week on the island.  It continues to rain… sometimes falling softly, at other times quite heavily, and often blowing sideways with the wind.  Sometimes we have fantastic storms with much lightning and thunder and at other times, it is so quiet that I can hear fat drops slapping on the leaves outside my window.  Sometimes it rains in the late afternoon ( such is the case as I type this).  But my favorite time for the rain to come is early in the morning, between 4 and 5am. 

Yesterday morning, I had the privilege of being able to sit on our back porch and enjoy the early morning shower.  Watching the raindrops catch the light from the kitchen window brought my mind to the quote above.  They seemed to fall from nowhere and glimmer for the faintest moment before disappearing once again into the darkness.  It was perfect.

I am not much more than one of those little raindrops.  I am just a glimmer in the darkness and yet, the image of hundreds of thousands of those little glimmers shining brings a smile to my face. 

One thought on “early morning shower

  1. Beautiful! We have been experiencing a record-setting drought here, but it has rained the past two evenings. Thank You, Lord! Yesterday we had hail and over 2 inches of rain! It was the first time Emily had ever seen hail.

    I love the rain. Not storms, but rain. I remember when I went on my Emmaus walk, the forecast called for rain and I was thrilled. Louis kept telling me that I really didn’t want it to rain, but there is nothing that says “retreat” to me more than rain. It rained so much that weekend that we had talks in the dining room and the team had to drive us back and forth from the dining room to the talk room all weekend. That weekend has been known ever since as the Swim to Emmaus! =)

    I sure do miss seeing YOUR bright shining face, dearest Tiffany.

    Did you see that I awarded you the Thinking Blogger Award? You are so dear to me.

    MUCH love,
    Miss Pat

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