day at the beach

It is not remarkable that I have a deep appreciation for the ocean, especially considering that I grew up in Florida.  The beach has been many things to me; both a playground and retreat.  It’s where we go for family outings and the place I go to be alone.  I cannot say that I have just one favorite place ( for I haven’t seen every place yet!) but somewhere beside the ocean would be one of my favorite places so far.  There is a sense of wonder that has never failed to wash over me as I look to the  watery horizon.  I’ve been hundreds of times and I have not been nearly enough.

One of the highlights of the past week for me was a trip to the beach.  Once there, we took a small boat to a smaller island ( much smaller than mine) and had several hours to swim and explore.  Of course, I spent more time exploring than swimming.  I wanted to get to a place where I had the best view.  After scrambling over rocks for about an hour I managed to find my lookout.  It was breath-taking.  This time, as I looked to the horizon I found myself looking toward distant volcanoes and the South China Sea.  As much as I love my gulf-coast beaches, I have never seen a seascape to rival this one.  I wish that I could describe the beauty and the awesomeness of that moment.   

to see my pictures from our day at the beach, visit:

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