run with perseverance

“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us…” Hebrews12:1

I love to watch my brother run ( he is pictured above: front row, 7th from the right). He is currently racing cross-country at the local high school and I believe that he does quite well. His last race was a lesson ( at least for me) in endurance.

He started well ( he’s with the front of the pack) but developed leg cramps about 2 miles into the race. It was painful to watch him. Every step seemed to take an eternity. His gait was severely lacking. He did finish; far below his personal best time and 22nd overall.

I love his expression in this picture: a mixture of pain and determination. He collapsed shortly after crossing the finish-line, utterly spent. That last sprint took absolutely everything that he had.

It was wonderful. All afternoon I kept thinking, “Do I live like that?” Oh, to be one who perseveres!

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