random thoughts

Sunday, March 26, 2006

  I am in the midst of a rather large dose of homework. However, I can’t seem to concentrate; whether this is due to cold medicine or too many thoughts circling around in my head is for you to decide. I figure, if I get these thoughts out of my head and into your head… my head will have more capacity for homework ( again, this logic may be tainted by cold medicine). So, here are some random thoughts for someone else to ponder: 

  • To encourage a person is no small thing. When you encourage someone you give them back the courage their heart may have lost along the way… this is much more than a sweet note that says, “You’re wonderful!”
  • How often to I try to separate my daily activities in sacred and secular categories? For some reason there are certain things that I see as particularly spiritual and others that are not… due to laziness, I’m sure. If only some of what I do matters, then I am able to slack off in those “lesser” areas.
  • I cannot find my other pink sock. I have no idea where it has gone. I have been doing laundry and was only able to find one.
  • I hope that Janna is able to come visit me this week. She might come Thursday evening and stay until Sunday… and it would be so good to have her here for a few days.
  • My cough is getting worse.
  • The word “sincerity”. From the Latin, sine cera. Meaning, “without wax.” The words were stamped on pottery to mark those which were without flaws that needed to be concealed by pearl wax.
  • I need to get fitted for my bride’s maid dress for Jenny’s wedding.
  • I wonder what is for dinner…

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