share your heart

“Something happens when you share your heart.  A part of you is unveiled and somehow, somewhere, in that unveiling process… God is glorified. The beauty and mystery of a soul proclaims the beauty and mystery of the Creator of our souls.  I don’t know if I can explain it but something wonderful happens in that moment.”

I just posted this comment on Kristel’s xanga and then I was thinking, “yeah, that sums up my lesson for the week.” So, at the risk of being redundant, here it is again.

It seems that every day this week there has been a moment for me where I’ve felt the Lord prompt me, “share your heart.” For those of you who know me, you know that I love to share what He is doing, what He is teaching me. But this goes beyond that and in each situation there was a sense of longing to share His work in my life to offer hope to someone struggling with a similar issue… but it was even more than that. I felt like He was saying, “When you share your heart -open up and let people see who you really are- you not only reveal My work in you, you reveal part of Me.” Whoa!

I’m finding that being vulnerable is both terrifying and liberating. More terrifying at first and more liberating now. But still a little of both. This morning, I felt like, “Lord, please give me a little lee-way here.  I feel like I’m waiting for someone to take a cheap shot.” Then I remembered that I was supposed to share my testimony in cell group! So much for that! And even now as I type, I keep making nervous gestures: biting my bottom lip and putting my hand to my stomach. But after posting that comment, I heard it again, “share your heart.” So, here I am.

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