25 things I’ve learned in 2005:

1. Schedule down time.

2. One way to lose 15 lbs. is to throw up… a lot. It helps if you have a parasite and vomiting becomes involuntary.

3. Kansas really is flat.

4. Save a hard copy of your final paper.

5. Consider the risks but be willing to take the chance anyway ( lessons from Vietnam).

6. How to make a snowball.

7. You can have 3 maps and an atlas and still not have a clue as to where you are.

8. Canadians are extremely polite.

9. How to shelf read, catalog, re-shelve and other library maintenance tasks.

10. I like motorcycles.

11. If you throw a shoe out the car window, chances are that you might not ever see it again.

12. Miracles happen. Just ask me in my once deaf ear!

13. Be fully present- wherever you may be.

14. Second degree burns hurt.

15. Don’t hang your clothes outside to dry during monsoon season.

16. Sometimes what you find is better than what you were looking for.

17. Sometimes you have to move 2000 miles away to find it…

18. You can climb a mountain in a skirt.

19. Healing is possible. Wholeness and freedom can be a part of everyday life.

20. Falling down a spiral staircase hurts.

21. Happy dances often express what words cannot.

22. Dancing is one of my favorite expressions of worship.

23. It’s hard to watch someone you love make poor choices.

24. Playing in a pile of leaves is immensely satisfying.

25. The Lord delights in me- He really enjoys who I am.


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