home again

Sunday, December 18, 2005

home again… home again…
So, I’m back in the sunshine state!  It’s eighty degrees warmer than the weather I left behind in MN!  Yeah!  Bring on the flip-flops!
I had a nice trip back.  On my way from Minneapolis to Atlanta my flight was practically empty so I got to take over a few extra seats and sleep : )
And on the way from Atlanta to Fort Myers I had a wonderful conversation with an older gentleman named Jerry.  We started talking before take-off and didn’t stop until after the plane landed.  We talked about our families, places we’d been, ambitions.  It was just really cool.  He is pretty heavy into Lamaism but I had a good grasp on where he was coming from and hopefully, I was able to speak some truth into his life.  He said that our conversation had given him a lot to think about so if you think of it, pray for Jerry to find the one true God amidst his search for truth.
He is the only peace of mind.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

In less than 12 hours I will be on my way home and I am so excited about having time to spend with people that I so dearly love and 70 degree weather and being in a real house and not eating on a schedule… and flip-flops. But I am wondering what it will be like to step back into my life because I have changed so much over the past 3 months.  Actually, I haven’t really changed; my heart was just so dormant before and now I’ve been awakened.  And I like it.


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