I’m sitting here in a big arm chair at Caribou with Jo, Amy, Hope and Laura, watching the snow fall and trying to work on my paper for Effective Communication.

I’m writing on how society prolongs adolescence, using the example of how we, collectively, delay marriage. ( in our generation only 50% of those who marry do so before the age of 29 which is a major change versus the 90% of two generations before). It’s a very touchy subject, I’m finding. There are many reasons for this; unfortunately, many of them are not biblical but are commonly accepted as rule in the Christian culture.

The bottom line for our lollygagging: selfishness ( I just stepped on some toes… including my own). Think about it. When I start evaluating my own heart, I find that a lot of my hesitancy in this area is rooted in my own selfishness and self-centeredness. Even my desire to become the woman that the Lord intends for me to be is -all too often- not for the blessing or benefit of others but for myself. Clinging to my singleness allows me to continue , in a certain capacity, to live for myself and only for myself.

“The fear of losing oneself can, in the end, simply become an excuse for not giving any of oneself away.” ~Danielle Crittenden

It’s something to think about.

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